Azad Nagar, Andheri West, Mumbai





Civil work is the soul of the interior design. Therefore we focus more on civil work to avoid the mistakes. We always take care about the quantity of sand to be mixed with the cement, quantity of water, time period, wall making, waterproofing plaster coating, flooring level, safety in the granite installation, window, door, framing kitchen platform etc. We have good skilled labours who do the work in a professional way and maintain the quality and cleanness at work place. We do our work of good strength that you don’t need to renovate it.

We do offer a service of Civil in the Mumbai since 2007. Civil work is such work that, in which maximum dirt is created, it most troubling to do the Civil Work, be residing in the home office or at each place. As this work is dirty, due to that, many times, the getting the work done, after vacating office and house. Civil work is a life of the interior. If the Civil Work is weak, then all interior work is spread out here and there. In the team, our team is giving very great importance. Because if one fault is made in the work, then till end, that fault is creating troubles.

Therefore, our team is paying attention to each and every thing, e.g. what shall be the quantity of the cement in the how many cent, what shall be the quantity of the water, how many coats shall be there, how much shall be the time distance, how the work shall be done in which atmosphere, how may shall be cement coat, when shall be the water coat, in which breaking, how much shall be depth, what shall be wall making, how shall be the waterproofing, how much thick shall be the plastering, how shall be the level of the flooring, for the fixing the tiles, what necessary attention is to be given, how much shall be the safety in the installation of the granites, how much attention is required to be given in the measurement of window door, kitchen platform framing.

All these work is done by our team, in good manner, with best quality good experience and labor. We are doing our work, in professional manner. We do not lack any thing, in making our work strong and trying that, the work shall not be renovated and cleaning and sweeping of the work place in our work and taking care and attention of each and every thing, which is kept in work place.