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Home Renovation

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Home Renovation

We do offer a service of Home Renovation work in the Mumbai since 2007. Whenever the work of the house is to be done, we are very happy, but the proper planning is not done, not followed right budget and attention is not given to the safety and accident is happened, then it becomes headache, many times, by the home renovation work, people are becoming so much disturbed that, they are becoming fretful and mentally disturbed and if right people are not received and the advance is given, in the round of reducing the rate and ran away by taking the amount, and whatever work is done, and ran away, by leaving the work half completed and for completing that work if the double expense's payment are made and the work is not done correctly, and not talked about the person, who have completed the work, and made extra cost for everything and payment is also taken more than quotation and received the troubles in bonus, therefore, whenever the renovation of the house is to be done, then it is essential to select the correct team. Whose work experience is good, then right comments should be made, the quotation should be given, after judging the quotation correctly and shall be able to maintain the quality of the work correctly and in the rounds of making increase in the bill, whatever thing is not required, that thing also should not be forcibly renovated, we after looking at the design, making its study and after that making perfect costing, if the client is not having budget, then saying that, not to do direct work, but, for getting the work, the work which is not possible to be done, we by giving false commitments, not taking the work, we prefer to leave the work, but, we do not prefer to cheat, harass the client and to spoil the work, to spoil the relation with the client, if you do extra work then design, then only the budget shall not be increased, then bill cannot be increased, we do not renovate that thing, which is in good condition, we by changing the look of that, bringing that in use, the money is not important for us, client is important, we do not believe in one time work. We do our work with full responsibility. We follow the roles of the building of the society, many times the work is closed in 2 to 4 building, and then we do not do the sound work. Debris is kept only in the parking. We follow the security system of the society. Not getting spoiled, to the left of the building and to the passage of the building and to the any property of the building. Whenever, our material comes, at the time of taking that to upper side, on account of us, not making the left flooring dirty or the flat, in which the working is going on, the neighbor of that flat shall not be troubled on account of that, we are trying this. We always give visits to the site and the work are reached to what position, and whatever is done, that is done correctly or not done, we are checking this. We are giving complete attention on our labor, not allowing anybody to roam/move freely in the garden of the building or in the building. We try this that, our complaint should not be reached up to our client, and we shall be able to give good service to our client, so that, in the round of the client, can receive another work. Many times, who is our client, in the round of that, we are surely having done some or other work.

Published by Creative Concept Interior Contractor on 26/08/2020