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Wall Punning

We do offer a service of Plaster Of Paris (POP) work in Mumbai, since 2007. POP work is of two types. Materials, processors, rate of both are different. One is that, which is done directly on brick and siporex block. On which sand cement plaster is not required. Which is very costly and different compared to civil plaster. Second is that, which is done on old wall and New Civil plaster wall. Except this, no any materials are there in the market, which could do the wall in less time and in less cost, after making the wall straight.

After putting the POP to the Wall, if you see the wall from any side, then it will look to you that, walls are exactly straight. How much thick material is to be used in making wall straight and to be done or not to be done at which place, it is necessary to have technique of this. If the technique is not correct, this will not feel that, at that time, the work is done, after that, the effect of that is known. After that comes to know that, this loss is more. Which work is to be done at what time, to leave the work for how many days and what is required. That is to be completed. After looking all these, we take rate according to work and we use right quality and how much time is required for that, as per that we are using that time.

Everything is having one make-up and in that manner, without POP, Royal look cannot be given to the wall. After having POP, the effect of wall is changed and after painting is done, the right effect and shed of the wall is coming before. Molding at the corner of ceiling, doom on the ceiling and design on the wall can be done with POP. We have skilled workers, who can finish the work within timeline in professional manner.